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As a survivor of psychiatric  at psychiatric hospitals in Neubrandenburg and Ueckermünde as well as a representative of “the voices of those remaining,” the main purpose of my blog is to draw attention to the human rights violations taking place as well as raise awareness of this issue. Because of my own personal, harrowing experience in these infamous psychiatric institutions, which almost cost me my life, as well as my knowledge of the many individual fates of the people I’ve written about in my blog—I learned of their suffering by examining their records and conducting personal interviews with their relatives and loved ones—their experiences have been shaped by the poor decisions and misuse of power of those involved in the judiciary and psychiatric system. However, I still consider psychiatric institutions whose purpose is truly to prevent and heal mental illness as well as improve the quality of life to be important and necessary institutions. As long as strict legal standards and requirements are observed, providing accommodation in a psychiatric hospital is also justified as a means of protection of the individual in question as well as society in cases where they are proven to be a danger to themselves or others. The texts published here are intended to shed light on the existing deficiencies and defects in German psychiatric institutions, help uncover cases involving the misuse of power, offer transparency of the number of victims and critically examine the roles of those involved in the psychiatric system (doctors, lawyers, psychologist, educators, care givers social workers, etc.) as well as raise public awareness on this topic.

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