Ernest: Victim of Forced Psychiatry and Torture

While the victims of the arbitrary methods practiced at these “normal” psychiatric and psychotherapy clinics in Germany fight in vain for their rights, with no political lobby on their side, families of people who are committed due to a criminal offence at the forensic psychiatric hospital also run up against a wall when they seek to expose the human rights violations that occur in these institutions.


Suffering from infantile autism, Ernest was court-ordered to be committed under the provision of rehabilitation in Stralsund due to a criminal offence. While there, he ripped out his own finger and toe nails because of the inhumane conditions he was subjected to. His mother reported the incidents at the time; he was moved, but the trauma remains. Today he is being held at the forensic psychiatric hospital in Ueckermünde. His fate has thus been sealed.

Эрнест, страдающий заболеванием детского аутизма, был направлен за правонарушение в судебно-психиатрическую клинику города Штральзунд. В этой клинике, из-за нечеловеческих условий, он вырвал себе полностью ногти на руках и ногах. Его мать подала заявление в полицию. После этого он был переведен в другую клинику, но его состояние не улучшилось. Cейчас он заключен в судебно-психиатрической клинике города Уекермюндe. Его судьба предрешена!

Dr. Christian Discher

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