At the Leipzig Book Fair 2020, I will probably present a report on the activities of the medical staff involved in the book “The Voices of Those Remaining” taking into account the knowledge gained from analyzing current sources and scholarly studies. The focus of the presentation will be on the psychiatrist Dr. Rainer Gold, whose work as a drug tester was reported by the German magazine Spiegel in 1991 

Christian Discher PhD

[1]Please note! 25 years after publication of the Spiegel report, the study Testen im Osten- DDR-Arzneimittelstudien im Auftrag westlicher Pharmaunternehmen (“Testing in the East – Clinical trial conducted in the GDR by Western pharmaceutical companies”) published by Volker Hess and Laura Hottenrott/Peter Steinkamp in 2016 barely takes into account the perspective of those affected by the drug tests.  You can download a summary of the scientific study results of the advisory board here. 

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