Letter of rejection, Chairman of the Committee on Petitions, Manfred Dachner, June, 2018

Dear Mr. Discher,

Your petition from 03/22/2017 has now finally been addressed. With your petition, you alleged human rights violations in specified psychiatric institutions as well as in the forensic psychiatric hospitals. In this matter, you made several demands which were to lead to clarifying and improving the current situation.

After receiving a recommended resolution from the Committee on Petitions (State Parliament document no. 7/2285), the State Parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania decided in its 40th session on 06/27/2018 to conclude your petition process.

Commitment in psychiatric institutions in the country is subject to strict legal requirements and state supervision. If there are indications of treatment contrary to the legal requirements, there are various contact points, such as the respective ministry, the provincial councils and mayors, the Visiting Commission and the National Agency for the Prevention of Torture and Maltreatment, to which complaints can be addressed.

In addition, these actions may be reviewed in court. At this stage, there is no evidence that a special committee of inquiry has been set up as you requested.

With this decision your petition process is definitively closed.

With kind regards

(Manfred Dachner)

Chairman of the Committee on Petitions

Letter to the High Commissioner for Human Rights

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